30 Jan '17

Autosport International 2017 - Part Two

Did you get the time to take a peek at ‘Part one’ of our round-up of Autosport International 2017?

If you didn’t, simply click here and have a read.

Then, simply head back here for MORE cool news on all the latest and greatest vehicles of our current generation - and the past, too.



# AC Cobra 378 - It's back in business!

We’re going to kick things off with a ‘legend of a car’.

Can you guess what this is by the interior alone?

For fanatics, this is the ultimate 2-seat roadster; droptop and pure unadulterated driving pleasure. Driving skill will help too of course, as this rear-wheel driven monster requires plenty of time and patience to tame - just right.

Meet the AC Cobra; but not just any ‘ol Cobra… meet the NEW 2017 Cobra 378 brandishing a supercharged V8 with 550 horses, and enough torque potential to leave a fine line of crease after every corner it whizzes through.

The master of noise and countless wheelspin is back. And, for those of you yet to hear of this classic motor, it's essentially a British roadster with an American engine and transmission.

At the time it was built, in 1961, Carroll Shelby dropped a Ford V8 with a 4-speed transmission and ate Corvette’s all day long. No car could match it for its ferocious speed.

Call it the Bugatti Veyron of its heydey, if you like.



Today, the new Cobra 378 is destined to fit a price tag worthy of nearly 6 figures; with the owner of AC Cars, Alan Lubinsky, quoting the price to be “in the vicinity of £85k to £90k”. 

If you think that’s much - the very first AC Cobra from 1961 sold at an auction recently for an eye-watering £10.2 million. That’s… that’s pretty incredible.

The new car will go on sale in March 2017 and will give Europeans first-dibs, with Asia and North America being offered this special motor right after.


# Lotus 49 - All 7 of the remaining examples!

Another moment worthy of being dubbed ‘legendary’ at Autosport International 2017 was the gathering of the 7-only remaining examples of Lotus 49’s in one place.

You see, the only time these thrilling race cars were ever together was when they were racing. Since then, they’ve been seen separately but never together.

This was quite possibly the greatest highlight of the 2-day event for the viewing public.Check them out in action. 

Here’s superb viewing of the Lotus 49’s at its first outing at Zandvoort Grand Prix.


Source: Youtube Channel ‘Ford Heritage’


Source: Autocar (Graham Hill at the 1968 British Grand Prix)


Source: Autocar (Graham Hill at the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix)


Can you imagine viewing all 7 of these epic single-seaters on display, right in front of you?

To this day, these special motors designed by Colin Chapman and Maurice Philippe, hold the record of making the biggest performance strides over any predecessor of all cars to ever compete in F1.

The reason for being present at this prestigious show was to celebrate the 49’s 50th year since the iconic racer’s first set their treads on circuits’ across the globe.

The Lotus 49 is still considered at this day and age, to be one of the most significant and exciting racing cars of all time.

And, with just 7 remaining in existence - the ticket price alone was worth the spectacle of these wonderful machines viewed in flesh.

Here’s all 7 of the Lotus 49 captured on video at Autosport International 2017.


Source: Youtube Channel ‘Tim BHKC’


# BTCC Liveries Change in 2017 - Super hot or what!

For you folks who are well and truly immersed in today’s racing championships’ - there’s the nail-biting and bumper-to-bumper action-packed series that forces us all to sit on the very edge of our seats, come every race weekend.

The Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship, of course.



With the likes of Honda, BMW, Subaru, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, MG and even Audi taking it to tracks; the illustrious series is once again witnessing a welcomed change in liveries & decals, with plenty of paint splashed about in time for the 2017 season.




The Dunlop MSA BTCC season launch will take place at Donington Park on 16th March 2017.

And, we can’t wait!



Especially being able to see this AmD Tuning Audi S3 saloon above hooned around circuits by none-other-than, but Ollie Jackson!

So, that’s all for our 2-part blog special on Autosport International 2017.

We hope you enjoyed reading all the latest, and MORE interesting news to come out of the event - than the usual malarkey such as a NEW Ferrari or another GT3 RS popping-up.

Stay tuned to our blog as we’ll be covering the usual fancy stuff; from show plates to show cars every week, here on out on

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