23 Jan '17

Autosport International 2017: Part ONE!


What is Autosport International 2017?

Autosport International turned out to be 2017’s most electrifying weekend-event so far, with the world’s most extravagant line-up of vehicles’ on display under one-roof, at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, UK.

Considered a show predominantly aimed at race car enthusiasts; the show made full attempts to feature exotic race vehicles of today, and the early era’s when Enzo Ferrari was prancing around the world’s circuit’s in a Alfa Romeo Tipo 40/60.

Honing on its appeal to race car fans, has meant Autosport International is now Europe’s biggest indoor pre-season motorsport event for petrol-heads of all walks of life, attracting those in continents far-out too.



To add to this spectacle of viewing the fastest vehicles on the planet, visitors had the amazing chance see the most gratifying live action sets on display too. Think decked out vehicles’; smoke, fire and gravity-defying stunts in hour-long bouts.




Other than the usual show of fancy plates, glamorous models and exotic 4-wheeler’s; here’s the biggest and most-important news to spread across the automotive industry in 2017 - gained from the event.



One-make Tesla championship takes charge in 2017!

First came ‘Formula E’, and now comes ‘Electric GT’. The idea for an all-electric production car championship was conceptualized in March 2016.

Inspired by the success of the Formula-E race brand, Electric GT aims to be the ‘new zero emissions category more actively promoting sustainable mobility’ by use of electric road-cars you can buy right now.

The great thing is, we can see the potential impact this will have for people like us and you. As the championship continues to grow; there will be a point sooner that later, where car makers will endeavour to fast-track production of electric vehicles; with some destined to be included into this very championship too.

Quite simply, this should bring electric-vehicle’s prices down.

Currently, the championship aims to empower a one-make race series consisting of Tesla Model S.

More specifically, the P95+ trim. So, not the logiest of the trims, should we mention.

In fact, the cars racing will all be identical, powering the rear-wheels, and have enough ‘juice’ to propel the green motor to 60mph from standstill in just 2.1 seconds.



Liberty Walk’s raging NEW Aventador & 458 steal the show!


Think Liberty Walk; think extravagant, full-fledged wide-arched body kits seamlessly bolted to cars on every millennials bedroom poster.

For Autosport International 2017, the Japanese master crafters built two stunning never-to-be-seen-before examples of the Aventador, and the 458 Ferrari - which arrived in time for salivating supercar fans to fight over the best angles on the show floor.



Both cars weren’t alone in presence, but accompanied by a bespoke Nissan GTR and a Mini.

Along with the display of cars and exclusive car parts on display, wearables such as hats and general clothing were sold on the day to finish off the brand’s exposure over the 4 days; 2 of which were for business and trade.

James Pearman, Director of Liberty Walk EU stated “We are looking forward to showcasing the Ferrari 458 and the Lamborghini Aventador to Liberty Walk fans in the UK for the very first time at the Performance Car Show.

These cars represent not only true performance on the race track and streets globally, but the creative prowess Liberty Walk EU and The Performance Company embark upon to create a well-recognised car styling brand worldwide.”.


What else is to come?

Next week, we’ll be digging into more exciting automotive news out of this year’s epic Autosport International race car show with a part-2 featuring word on:

# A World-first display of the only few remaining examples of a British marque’s historic race cars - in one place.

# Re-birth of an original classic sports car means a new V8 block now packs a monstrous packing 550bhp.

# And, adrenaline-pumping race cars of a popular series get decked in brand new lick of paint and exciting liveries.


Keep your eyes peeled for part-2!

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