Show Room Plates

Show Room Plates

Have you ever walked into a car showroom and questioned why new cars have show plates on them?  There are many reasons for this and here is a breakdown to why these vehicles in many car showrooms have show plates on for. 

Disguise the identity using show plates

Show plates can be temporarily be stuck over to disguise the real identity of the original cars registration,  a useful approach for dealerships when taking photographs of the vehicles for purposes such as advertising the cars for sale. This gives the dealership a professional image which makes a customer believe that the place they are buying their car from, is in fact a truly established car sales business. Show plates also protect the identity of the vehicle from criminals wanting to use an identity of a real vehicle for a stolen vehicle, a serious crime which can be prevented is the registrations are disguised using show plates. 

Professional Business Image

New car showrooms like Audi or VW have show plates stuck on new cars, such as a Golf will have show plates which say ‘Golf’ on them and a car like a Audi RS6 will have show plates that say ‘RS6’ on them. These are new vehicles which are unregistered and used for demonstration purposes. This also gives the vehicles a brand new feel, whereas if the vehicles were showing registration plates, customers would feel like vehicles are used, however new the registration may be. Custom show plates for showroom cars do not only have to be applied to new cars, but are applied to used cars, both to protect the original identity and to give the business a professional image. 

Clever Marketing

Show plates are used for marketing purposes. Examples can be of special offers car dealerships may offer, such as ‘LOW RATE FINANCE’ or ‘NIL DEPOSIT’ etc. Not only is it a clever way of expressing the deal on the car, but it gets that message across clearly and professionally. Show plates are also the new trend for car dealerships to attach to their vehicles when taking photographs for advertisements. These photos with show plates cleverly market the dealerships brand name, such as ‘Tim’s Car Sales’.

Show plates can have many uses, such as on vehicles being used for off road purposes like on track days. Show plates are for text to be displayed like a name, brand name or other messages. There are many uses for show plates, get designing now!

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