18 Sep '15

Old vs. New - Dubai License Plates



Almost a year ago, Dubai released information on new style number plates for vehicles. These consisted of a new Dubai style text on the plate without any Arabic text. These license plates, as stated by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) were optional only, so basically, if you wanted to have them, you simply could order them, but it was not something which had to be done. 

A year on, there are vehicles in Dubai which display the new plates; however, do they look better than the old ones? Many have stated the look of the old license plates is much better, as the new ones seem a little ‘’childish’’ in the way the colour scheme of the ‘DUBAI’ text is on the plate. The old number plates also have Arabic text which reads Dubai. 


Here is a old style Dubai license plate which shows the record breaking registration which reads ‘1’.


Dubai Old Style Number Plate



Here is a random new style Dubai number plate.


New Style Dubai Number Plate


Now, we are not sure if it is the awesome number 1 registration plate that makes the old style number plates look better or the design itself, but we must admit the authentic look of the old style number plates is far better than the new ones. Then again, there may be people who like the new style, but for us, the look is not appealing. 


Regardless of it all, these registration plates were stated to be optional only, so don’t have to be attached to the cars and are only a part of a promotional campaign to state that emirates acts in a single team spirit and speaks with one voice to citizens and visitors, as mentioned by

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