24 Sep '14

Are you 'Well Jel' of this car and it's number plates?

well jel


First of all to get things clear, the term ‘well jel’ is a urban slang in some parts of the world which basically means ‘very jealous’. The registration ‘WE11 JEL’ reads ‘well jel’ and belong to Amy Childs, a reality TV star who rose to fame back in 2010 by featuring  in the series ‘The Only Way is Essex’. In 2011 the star was nominated as personality of the year by the ‘National Reality TV Awards’ and also took part in another reality TV series which was ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. Now that’s a little about the owner of this number plate, but what exactly has it cost to display a registration like this?

The registration plate, ‘WE11 JEL’ cost Amy Childs a large sum of £80,000 as other people wanted the registration mark which resulted in the price ending up this high. The license plates themselves have been seen across the internet to be assigned to a eye catching white Range Rover Sport, so both the registration and the car complement each other in the sense that the car itself is expensive and the average road user will be ‘well jell’ of the fact that they can’t own and drive one. Range Rover Sports are a popular choice for the high end road user as they are practical for daily use and look good at the same time, hence why many celebrities tend to have one of these as part of their car collection.

‘WE11 JEL’ is a great combination for the term which means ‘really jealous’, it is straight forward and easy to figure out what it reads. So for the proud individuals out there who believe that other people are ‘well jel’ of them, this is the license plate they need. However the question is, are you ‘well jel’ of this car and it’s license plates?

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