03 Sep '14

3 good reasons that license plates exist


license plates


License plates (or number plates as some parts of the world may call them), have been around for over a hundred years now, with states like New York having license plates on vehicles since the year 1901 and for the UK, registration plates have existed since the year 1904. Different parts of the world slowly started to adapt to having license plates assigned to all publicly used vehicles, and below we give our own 3 reasons of why having number plates assigned to every vehicle is a good idea.

1)      So you know it is your car...

Ok, first reason is plain and simple, you do not want to look stupid and walk to a car that is not yours and look like a complete idiot for trying and opening the door, then wondering why it won’t open. There are a lot of cars that will be exactly like your car in terms of their appearance, so the only way you will know which one is yours is by having a glance at the license plates.


2)      Identifies you...

Registration plates give you your own personal identification, which is needed for other legal reasons like paying road tax for the vehicle you own, and ultimately being responsible for anything the vehicle in question is linked in with you. License plates have narrowed the headache down to simply just needing the license plate alone to find out information like the vehicle owner, insurance status and tax expiry etc.


3)      So no one takes off with your car....

Imagine cars in today’s time not displaying registration plates. Your car would not last very long on your driveway if license plates did not exist, well that’s we think anyway. Criminals would take off with a car, and you would never find your car because there are no registration plates on it, so technically it does not exist. Aside from cars missing alone, other important reasons like theft, traffic incidents and other crimes are greatly reduced by knowing exactly who is the actual owner of the vehicle.


Overall, license plates are important for road going vehicles. At times they can actually be a fun part of a vehicle, with resemblance of words the characters on a number plate can make.


License plates and show plates are two completely different types of plates. License plates are used for legal reasons on public roads and show plates can only be used on private grounds, like car motor shows or show rooms. All plates on this website are for off road use, such as the use for signs, off road track days or in car showrooms. The plates are for text use only, such as warning messages, names, or greetings etc. 

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