08 Aug '14

5 Ways to Stand Out on the Road

Ways to stand out on the road

So is no one looking at your car on the road? Well here's our top 5 tips to check when buying a car and what you should do to make it truly stand out from the crowd.

1)     Buy an attractive sports car.

Sports cars tend to get the most heads turning when out on the road, this is due to their extraordinary design features, people instantly notice something different on a car that has flared wheel arches and huge alloy wheels. These will surely spark the attention of sports car aficionados and the ladies (come on, we all know you are trying to impress them as well). As you might be aware sports cars can be very expensive compared to regular cars, the running costs can also be astronomical. The good news is that some sports cars 'depreciate' (lose their value) and you might snag one at a good price. They are also cars like VW Golf GTi’s and Audi S3’s that are pretty affordable if you're on a budget .

2)     Choose an eye catching colour

The colour of your car can say a lot about the type of personality you have, so having a colour like brown would be a big mistake, especially on a sports car. Although brown is a rare colour for a car (there's probably a very good reason for that), trust me, you do not want your sports car to be brown. The top 3 colours we recommend are Blue, Red or White. There are also options to have vinyl or repaint to an unusual colour,  although don't overdo it, subtle colour changes is the way to go.

3)     Try something different

Cars always come with optional extras that sometimes you miss off as they feel there's no need to pay extra for something you don't need, for example, 19 inch wheels instead of 18 inch wheels or carbon fibre door mirrors etc. If you pay a little extra, people will notice your car is that little bit extra special. The only drawback in doing this is cost, but the tip is to work on improving the exterior of your car first, it's pretty self explanatory that people are going to notice and appreciate your car's exterior first, so it would be counterproductive to suit up your car with some leather upholstery or a sound system.

4)     Smack on a private number plate

Number plates can sometimes make or break a car, but at times even when a car looks awful, a great registration plate can make it the centre of attention. So a great car (your car) combined with a decent custom number plate will truly bring out what you are all about on the road. If you already own your private registration plates then this simply is the matter of assigning them to your new car. If you do not own a private number plate then you will need to be in the hunt for some and remember, the shorter the better. There is no use having private number plate that look like ordinary number plate.

5)     Keep clean

Finishing touches count! Give your pride and joy a nice clean preferably once a week. A weekend of detailing will give 5 days of jaws dropping. A normal wash sometimes is not enough; finish off with a protective polish which also can protect your paintwork.

If you have followed the above tips, you've probably spent a lot of money that we hope was definitely worth it, and you're now kitted out with a masterpiece, with all masterpieces, you need to give her a name.

Now it's time to ride. If you're feeling extra proud of your creation, why not take your baby out to a trackday and stick a Show Plate on it. You can be a lot more creative with these plates as they 're not road legal.

We hope this guide has helped you guys (and girls) and wish you the best in standing out and taking advantage of the rest of this summer. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more tips and guides.

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