02 Jul '14

'XXXXXXX' License Plate attracts parking tickets

Seven X Plate


One unlucky man has faced over $19,000 worth of parking ticket fines due to his license plate which has 7 letter X's on it. Mr. Scottie Robertson is the owner of this registration plate in the town of Huntsville. The story behind the many X's goes a long way back from the days when Mr Robertson was given the nickname of 'Racer X', which came about when he built custom cars. The reason behind 7 letter X's is because 7 is Mr. Robertson's lucky number. 

Now getting to the point of why Mr. Robertson received so many parking ticket fines is due to the system used by Birmingham (Alabama) parking patrols. The parking patrols pop in 7 letter X's when a car is illegally parked that does not having any license plates attached to it, which is in place for where the normal license number would go. However, the confusion here was that these 7 letter X's were in fact the personalised license plate of Mr.Robertson, so automatically the never ending fines were being sent to Mr. Robertson himself. 

Mr.Robertson gave the city officials a call on many occasion with no real result including some responses which were some of his parking tickets being dismissed. Eventually the city officials admitted the fault was not Mr. Robertson's, and entirely the fault of the system used. 

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