11 Jun '14

World Cup Football Show Plates


world cup football brazil


The tournament everyone has been waiting for kicks off tomorrow, the football World Cup 2014 is here! Some will have their supporting country flags on their cars, others will proudly wear their countries football shirt and here at Angel Plates, you can be a little different and design your very own Football Show Plates!

There are plenty of design options and country flags on the show plate builder to design your custom show number plates and get ready to kick off supporting your country to battle it out in the nail biting tournament ahead. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to kick off tomorrow which is 12th June and will end on 13th July 2014. The hosts Brazil kick off with their first game against Croatia. Brazil is hosting the football world cup for the second time now with the previous world cup being held back in 1950. There will be 32 teams and a total of 64 matches to be played throughout the tournament across 12 cities in Brazil, so make sure you are glued to your television throughout.

The mens football world cup takes places every four years, so it is worth the effort not to miss it when it does come by. So get creative and support your country by designing some quality show plates that you can use anywhere, from farm tractors to cars in showrooms. There are a range of options to choose from when designing your world cup show plates, from text style, to text colour, text shadows, borders, badges and more! With all these options, you can create something unique for your favourite team and support them in a rather different way this time.

We wish your favourite team the best of luck this football world cup, so get creative.

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