17 May '14

License Plates in Egypt

Egypt License Plates


Egypt has number plates which are made from pressed metal. The license plates on the cars consist of ‘EGYPT’ being written along the top and the rest of the characters below are in Arabic, so if you’re a tourist and do not know Arabic very well, you may not be able to read the characters. However as a general guide the format on most vehicles tends to be 4 numbers then 3 letters in Arabic. Anyone reading this from Egypt itself, if this is incorrect then please feel free to let us know.

The metal construction of these number plates is similar to the style in Germany, Dubai, France etc. The style is basically a sheet of metal which then is pressed by machines to bring out the characters of the plates. The pictured car has number plates which generally are on cars for normal road users, however when it comes to special services, like the Police for example, their license plates will have ‘POLICE’ at the top to replace ‘EGYPT’.

The metal construction could be the best idea for a country which can hit high temperatures during its peak summer months as normal acrylic number plates could possibly start to peel or melt if directly in the sun, we are not sure if that’s the case for certain but the metal construction is still a safe bet regardless.

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