05 May '14

'PET' Number plates on super cars


pet number plates


Ever wanted to drive a super car but cannot afford to own one? Well in those circumstances, what most fanatics consider is to hire one, and show off in their dream car whilst they are paired with it for the short time they pay to rent it. This could be for occasions like weddings, arriving to a prom and shocking your friends or simply to show off for the weekend.


Platinum Executive Travel is one of the most well known super and luxury car hiring company on the internet. Each one of their cars, or most of them are assigned with private number plates which read mostly the year of the car and finish off with ‘PET’ which stands for Platinum Executive Travel. An example of one of the combinations is ‘AV 14 PET’ that is assigned to the Lamborghini Aventador which we believe stands for ‘Aventador 2014 PET’.


pet cars


The PET range is one of the finest and adding private number plates to their cars surely advertises the cars whilst they are on hire. Having private plates on the cars also personalises the cars so everyone knows that they are from the same family of rental cars.

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