22 Mar '14

Why do cars at Motorshows have Show Plates?


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Big motor shows show off the best cars around the world, sometimes those that are still concepts and no one will ever know if they will make it to the public roads. Motor shows are held on private land, and are not vehicles on public roads that are being used. These are brand new unregistered cars, gleaming and ready for all kinds of camera flashes. Many cars on motor shows, in fact nearly all of them have show plates in place on the area where number plates normally are, these are there because the cars would look odd if they did not have anything in place when on show other than just a number plate recess area, surely which will not look good on photo’s or video’s. 

The show plates need to be informative at the same time as looking good, so manufacturers who are trying to promote their cars at the shows tend to have the vehicles model name printed on, for example ‘YARIS SPORT’, so everyone knows the car’s name by just looking at the car alone. Show plates give the yet to release cars a finished look just like they would be on the road, the only difference being the freedom of what the owners of those cars want to have written on those plates. 

Customised vehicle show plates are a great way of adding that finishing touch to cars at a show, off road rally days, track days or even on hired cars for occasions like a wedding.  The list of possibilities for using show plates is truly endless, so get designing now and see what you can create. 

Create great looking Road Legal Number Plates or Novelty Show Plates

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