09 Mar '14

Sign Plates Store Coming Soon!



Our show plate builder is great, you can design some seriously cool off road show plates and reflective signs all to your custom specifications. However, as many of you already know, certain designs for signs or show plates cannot be implemented on the plate builder, so the answer to all other types of signs is to have a dedicated store with all the designs on there, which will hopefully keep getting updated and fear not to keep sending in suggestions of what you would like on there.

A few of the categories for the signs to mention will be Wedding Signs, Health & Safety, Warning Signs and many more! These signs are just like your normal show plates which are designed currently on our show plate builder, however these go beyond the limitations of the plate builder by having design combinations to get that message across for sure! For example, there will be a wedding category with all the wedding show plate designs so you can truly stand out on your big day.

Signs are a great way to get simple instructions in place, like ‘DO NOT PARK HERE’ or ‘KEEP CLEAR, 24HR ACCESS REQUIRED’, and by creating signs on show plates, not only are they reflective, but high in quality, long lasting and low in cost. Signs we create on this website are made from acrylic number plate material, so have the essential qualities which number plates have in order to be long lasting. 

So look out for the new sign store on this website, which should be up and running in the coming weeks. Feel free to send in any suggestions or custom designs you may want to add onto the site. 



DISCLAIMER: Show Plates are not for road going vehicles. All plates on this website are for off road use, such as the use for signs, off road track days or in car showrooms. The plates are for text use only, such as warning messages, names, or greetings etc. 


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