28 Jan '14

5 good uses for show plates


Show plate signs

Signs are everywhere and show plates used as signs can be a cheap way to get the most out of getting a message across. We have got together 5 good uses for show plates used as signs and have listed them below. 


Warning Signs – These can be anything from ‘NO PARKING’ to ‘CCTV in Operation’. Warning sign plates are effective in situations when a person or place needs to warn others or potential criminals to back off as there are security procedures in place to tackle any that ignore the message in place. 

Showroom Plates – These are show plates for showrooms that cover the vehicles number plates which can be anything from ‘NIL DEPOSIT’ to ‘FREE TAX’ or most commonly the dealerships company logo printed on them. Showroom plates are used mainly for promotional purposes, but to also disguise the vehicles identity from potential criminals. 

Car Show Plates – Every year there are various big names in the motoring industry which organise large crowd gaining events, that are most commonly called car shows or meets. This is a perfect opportunity for companies to create company logo show plates which are in place of the number plates area. Due to most of the cars being concepts or just for show, the future model name is often printed on the show plates to stamp the vehicles model name in the viewers mind. There are also other car shows like enthusiast forums or clubs that group together and arrange events. 

Building Signs – These could be for any building, exterior or interior. For example a building full of offices could have some door signs which read the company name or logo which is ideal for visitors to easily identify their office space. 

Off Road Rally or Track Day Plates – When you are on private land, show plates for cars can be used on occasions like track days so you can display a message or anything which is appropriate to you. Another great idea for off road plates is wedding number plates, which are show plates for your wedding day that read your names, wedding date or anything your heart desires. 


Show plates can have various uses other than the above listed. It should be noted that show plates must not be confused with number plates used for road going vehicles. All plates sold on this website are strictly for off road uses like signs, car shows or anywhere else where the law of displaying a number plate on a vehicle does not apply. We DO NOT sell road legal number plates, we only sell off road show plates. 

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