17 Dec '13

Just the number 13 on a Mauritius number plate!

Mauritius Number Plates


Spotted in Mauritius, this Toyota Landcruiser show’s off just the number 13 on it’s number plates. Many people avoid the number 13, whether it’s a house door number, a 2013 registered vehicle or even organising an event on the 13th of a calendar month. Take Friday the 13th as an example, many horror films tend to release on this day when it does come by. 

Mauritius number plates have a set criteria when it comes to registered vehicles, which are a standard format for the cars registered within the country from new, or for imported cars. An example of one of the formats would be ‘1234 OC 16’.  A combination like this basically means that 1234 cars have been registered in October 2016. However, we will elaborate more about the formats of the combination styles and what they mean later. 

This number 13 alone, is not only a very short combination, but can turn heads everywhere and get tourists snapping away with their camera’s because it reads what many people would not expect on a number plate. Custom number plates like just the 13 alone could fetch a serious sum in different parts of the world, Abu Dhabi being a prime example which has seen many combinations such as the number 1 alone being sold off for a huge sum of money. 

Mauritius is a great tourist attraction, attracting visitors from all around the world. By looking at this photo, it is clear to see that vehicle owners in Mauritius like to personalise their rides with custom number plates and be noticed by visitors from across the globe. 

You can design some show plates which read the number 13 alone or create anything else you would like, for example your name, your business or your profession. Give our show plate builder a try and see what you can create today! Remember, show plates are for off road use only, such as track days, rallies and for any other sign or show use. 

Create great looking Road Legal Number Plates or Novelty Show Plates

Our Number Plate Builder has an extensive range of options you could add to your show plates or custom road legal number plates, allowing you to see what your replacement number plates or novelty plates will look like, before you pay for them.

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