16 Oct '13

Owner turns down 6m for his number plate!

bugatti veyron f1 number plate

The owner of the number plate ‘’F1’’ recently received yet another offer for his most wanted combination. This is the combination which shocked many back in 2008 with its record breaking winning bid of £440,000. However, now almost 5 years later, it has received an offer 12 times that amount, which is of £6m! Any normal business minded person would happily let go of any possession which is returning a huge profit like this, however Mr.Afzal Khan still refused this offer as he believes the combination is worth much more.

The combination of F1 alone would be a popular registration plate amongst formula one fans and the drivers themselves. However, due to its short combination of just an F, it could mean something special for many people, who may want it for both the F1 sport and possibly having a name like FRED and Number 1. Combinations like F1 are sold at auctions due to their vast amount of interest gained prior to even an auction beginning. A fixed amount is not agreed so an auction decides the combinations true value in terms of how far potential buyers are willing to go when wanting something like F1 on a number plate.

Combinations which are very short like F1, are often the most expensive and receive a lot of potential buyers, this is not only the case for UK buyers, but countries like Abu Dhabi which had the number ‘1’ plate being auctioned off for around £7 million!

Many ordinary people who like personalised number plates will never even consider exceeding a £5000 budget for a most wanted number plate of their dreams, however for some, like Afzal Khan, number plates as special as F1 need to have a lot of money invested in as there is only a one off opportunity to secure them, as once purchased, the rights of that mark are the owners, subject to any annual retention fees which can be applicable in certain countries.  Why not get your very own F1 show plate from Angel Plates, granted it's not road legal*, but would be hilarious if you had one on your vehicle at events such as a track day.

*Disclaimer: We are not condoning illegal number plates and not responsible if you use it as a road-legal number plate, please only use show plates at events such as track days, show rooms and meet-ups.

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