11 Jul '13

Luxury Cars, Custom Number Plates & Big Spenders!

Luxury Cars & Custom Number Plates

The streets of London are to be welcomed with big spenders yet again. Rich Arabs have made it an annual scene of local residents witnessing luxury cars that are rare to be noticed on a daily basis. Coming close to the holy month of Ramadan, local residents call it the ‘Ramadan rush’ of wealthy Arabs who come over, not just with their luggage, but with their high end supercars to blast around the roads of areas like Knightsbridge.  

Spotting these overseas cars is not hard at all, as they all can be identified by their Arabic metal pressed number plates, often which are quality combinations, matching the expense of the cars themselves. An example of the custom number plates are ‘55555’ on a Bugatti Veyron, and another spotted is just the ‘1’ alone on a chrome vinyl wrapped Bugatti Veyron.

Getting the most attention from all was a velvet wrapped Ferrari 599 which caught the attention of many passersby, even getting close to have a feel of the wrap themselves. The combination of the Ferrari was a UK number plate combination which is ‘F1 BDR’ which is a great number plate match for the F1 style road going vehicle.

This time of the year brings in a lot of visitors to the streets of London, not only being the overseas big spenders themselves, but internet car spotters like users of YouTube who have made it a priority to snap up quality videos of exclusive top end luxury cars and unique registration plates. Recorders of these videos have a dedicated YouTube channel such as Londoncars1 upload these videos and hope to rake in a high view count by video viewers.

The Ramadan period lasts for around a month and residents of the rich Gulf states spend time in London to get away from the intense heat. The visitors claim to love London for its atmosphere and surrounding people.

If you spot any luxury cars and their custom number plates, we would love to see them, you can post them on our Facebook or Pinterest page. 

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