02 Jul '13

The Importance of Number Plates

The Importance of Number Plates

Number plates are simply a piece of acrylic stuck or screwed onto road going vehicles. But is that as far as it gets? The answer is a BIG NO! This is because custom number plates are not just for getting that attention from the passing by traffic, but for lawful purposes too! The main reason a vehicle is given a set of license plates is for the main reason of giving it a unique identity, which can be traced whenever needed. For example if a owner of a vehicle decided not to wait at traffic lights, and got flashed by the cameras, the license plates can be used to trace the vehicle back to its owner, through a database which links the simple registration plates to a detailed record of information, like the vehicle details, owner details and address details.

If vehicles on the roads did not have any unique identifying tags like number plates, then everyone would be breaking the law, because no one on the road will ever be traceable if they ever had an accident, got flashed by speed cameras or in the event the police needed further information about a particular vehicle for crime purposes.

In many countries, number plates or license plates, cannot simply be made on any material, this is to ensure they are strong, reflective and durable to be used on vehicles in all weather conditions.  Most countries also make it a opportunity to offer motorists the chance to personalise their vehicle registrations by purchasing number plates which are a combination they can use to identify their vehicles in a more custom way, these are often called private number plates or custom number plates and are becoming increasingly popular across the world. Places like Abu Dhabi are amongst the richest (nothing unusual) when it comes to splashing the cash to own something simple as a registration number.

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