11 Jun '13

Dubai police cars with great license plates!

Dubai Police Lamboghini Car with the No. 8 Number Plate

We all know Dubai is a place to see top end luxury and high performance sports cars. The recent news of Dubai’s police department ­using Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s is a shock for the average motorist, but to chase the many speeding high performance sports cars, it’s easy to understand why that was the option. What caught our attention is not the fact these are expensive supercars, or how good they look on the road. However, the number plates on them are a wow factor alone.

Custom license plates like the few on Dubai’s police cars are the type that are wanted by many, and can fetch a large amount of money if they were auctioned. Take the combination seen on the Lamborghini Aventador as an example, it shows the number ‘8’ alone. A combination like ‘8’ in a place like Abu Dhabi, would be auctioned and get serious interest from potential investors who would pay an infinite amount of money to get what they want.

Dubai license plates are different to Abu Dhabi, just like the rest of the United Arab Emirates. Each emirate has its own type of format for license plates. The vehicle registration plates for Dubai consist of one letter ranging from A-Z, followed by a maximum of 5 numbers. For example X 12345.

When it comes to number plates, the most attention grabbing emirate from all is Abu Dhabi, these guys have broke records not just locally, but globally. Combinations like the number 1 on a custom license plate, which reportedly sold for 14.5million dollars.

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