26 Apr '13

Celebrity Number Plates

Paul Daniels and Naseem Hamed number plates

For many of us, registrations are a simple combination of numbers and letters on road going vehicles which are there because they have to be, but when there is a chance to make that jumbled combination into something more personalised to the vehicle owner, celebrities do not hesitate to splash out the cash to add that finishing touch to their expensive cars.

Combinations which celebrities go for are often highly priced and not affordable for the average motorist, however these combinations are owned by investors who know their target market, and when they get their advertising done in the right place, through the right people, investors are often in for a large return as these target customers don’t look twice in securing a deal.

There are many top notch custom number plates sold to celebrities such as ‘MAG 1C’ a UK combination owned by a well known magician, Paul Daniels. Other examples are ‘NAS 1’ owned by former boxing star Naseem Hamed, which reads his nickname ‘Nas’ and follows with a number ‘1’ to stamp it on a number plate that he was number 1 at his time when it came to the sport of Boxing.

Some celebrities, like the two names above, do not hesitate in showing off their fame on a set of acrylic plates. There are however certain celebrities who would not consider attaching personalised number plates to their personal vehicles for the sake of attracting unwanted attention where ever they go. This is due to many people becoming familiar with a personalised registration and knowing who it belongs to, unlike a random jumble of letters and numbers which won’t really be looked at unless of course the car is truly eye catching. Whatever the reason, to have or not to have, it goes to show that most celebrities still would take the opportunity to own a memorable piece of personalisation, whether or not they would like it to be attached onto their personal day to day vehicles.

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