18 Apr '13

Purpose of Number Plates for Vehicles

The purpose of vehicle number plates

Number plates or license plates are a term used for a piece of identification which are often attached to clear positions of most road going vehicles to give each and every vehicle their own unique combination of characters to identify that particular vehicle as and when required. These combinations are of a different format around the world, and in some cases different in certain parts of a country. The whole purposes of these numbers are to give every vehicle an identity, just like a passport for a person.

In some countries the term license plates is used and some countries these registration plates are called number plates.  The purpose these registration plates are there for is to link back a vehicle displaying the registration to a central database, which then can provide further information on that vehicle, such as make and model of the car, it’s engine size and body colour, and the most important details like the owner of the vehicle, such as their address.  This key information which is linked to that one visible registration number is the key to accessing further information, should it be required by law for situations like car accidents, speeding tickets or going through traffic lights when you’re supposed to wait.

Although these plates display a simply combination of jumbled up letters and numbers, these small combinations are like a key to further important information which is used for many reasons, a major one being the ability to flag vehicles without valid insurance who can be a potential threat to other road users. Other reasons could also be for vehicles that are wanted for crimes which are linked to a particular vehicle.

Number plates or license plates are a legal item which can only be displayed by the owner of a registration linked to the vehicle, and cannot simply be made up. They are supplied by authorities in each country and these formats vary from country to country.

They are some instances that allow you to buy replacement number plates, but on the basis of them being for off road show use, or on the basis of being used for sign purposes.

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