04 Apr '13

Number Plates are in Demand

Number Plates in demand

Whether you own your name on a number plate or what you do for a living is written across a pair of number plates in the form of registration combinations. Owning a nice car is now seen as important for an individual concerned about their image, as many assume an owner of a car like a Ferrari will often be someone of high class, living in a large barn house that possibly has a successful business. It's true; these assumptions can be made when you see someone driving a top end car which would be equivalent to an ordinary person’s mortgage payment for a house, if they did want to own one.  When nice cars are seen with quality number plate combinations, it tells a whole different story about who that person is.

Business owners tend to own combinations which relate to their business, not only is that a marketing strategy for them, it also shows their success on a set of custom number plates.  For example, if a business who sells stickers had a combination like ‘ST11 CKY’ which reads Sticky, it would be a great form of marketing and show the business success at the same time.

Most rich people who drive exotic cars, most certainly own custom number plates to go with the car they drive. These combinations, just like the cars themselves are not cheap, as most of these top end vehicles with quality number plates have combinations which often be sold at auction and challenge many buyers pocket money before finally being sold. Most of these combinations are short combinations, which often read initials and follow by a number like ‘1’. For example someone call Michael with a surname of Roberts will want a combination like ‘MR 1’ which not only reads the persons initials but could also stand for ‘Mister’.

Custom number plates are in demand, not only for the rich with successful businesses, but for ordinary individuals too. Most privately owned vehicles in today’s time getting assigned with custom number plate combinations. Try our show plate builder to see what your ideal available custom number plates combination would look like.

For more information regarding custom number plates or show plates, please visit the angel plates news section.  

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