21 Mar '13

No License Plates Needed!

Steve Job's Plate-less Number Plate


Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple truly changed the world with products like the iPod and the iPhone. It appears that 'Think Different' the slogan for Apple was not the only place Mr Jobs had thought differently to the rest of the world when he spotted a loop hole in California’s rules on applying for license plates on new vehicles. Not even the legal department could come up with case where citizen's regardless of stature could get away with a plate-less car.

Steve Jobs drove around without license plates on his silver Mercedes without breaking any law as the California regulations gave 6 months for an owner of a new car to apply for license plates. So Jobs took advantage of this loop hole, and leased the very same vehicle every 6 months, simply because he did not want any number plates on his cars.

Steve did not keep his cars for longer than 6 months; hence there was no legal requirement to have license plates fitted. His demand for a car without number plates surely must have benefited the leasing company which Steve Jobs used to get the same Mercedes over and over again.

In 2007, Steve Job's numberless Mercedes had been spotted more than any other car in California, as you could of imagined it must of had its disadvantages, is was likely he was pulled over more than the usual amount by the police, not to mention Jobs used to park in handicapped spaces. But the general rule the police in California went by is that if the car looked new, they wouldn't pull the driver over. Jobs would average around 5,500 miles/year, which lowered the odds of him getting pulled over even further.

Even without custom number plates, the majority of people who lived when Steve Jobs was around in Silicon Valley would recognise that this plate-less Mercedes were his in the first place so the more puzzling question is why be anonymous, having a plate would of made him more anonymous than having none at all. 

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