06 Feb '13

Show Plates in Car Showrooms

Bugatti Showroom

Plates are used in many places, the main one being show plates for car showrooms where dealerships tend to slap on some show plates which have their company logo or the make or model of the car which is being advertised on for sale.  On some occasions, dealerships may even use this opportunity by displaying text like 'LOW FINANCE' or 'FREE TAX' to get customers looking and getting them interested. Dealerships use show plates to cover the original registration mainly for creating a professional approach in making customers understand that the place they are in is well established. Hiding the original registration on this temporary basis also gives the car a new feel even though it may be used.

Hiding the original number plates with these dealer designed show plates proves useful when advertising the cars which have photos published to the web. These photos which have custom show plates attached hide the original registration which is a great idea as many don't want half of the world to know how much and where they purchased their car from. On a important side for these show plates is the fact it keeps potential unwanted criminals out of sight trying to use the vehicles number plates.

Show rooms in many small and large dealerships use show plates for promotion purposes especially when a new registration is due out soon. Such as 2013 registration will be advertised on show plates such as text displaying 'NEW 13' which creates awareness to customers who then know that we could wait for a 2013 registration. Dealerships make full use of marketing strategies like show plates displayed on cars advertised for sale or on other sites of the show room as it proves to be a cheap and effective form of  marketing for their business.

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