06 Feb '13

Fitness Number Plates

LA Muscle's F17 ONE private number plate

The great thing about custom number plates is that you have a great deal of choice when trying to think off possible combinations you would like to assign to your new car.  So if your names not available, people try to go for alternatives like initials. If none of those are available then most people give up and get any car related combination which they don't have to worry about removing when the time comes to sell their car. When all of these are not available, people refer to their hobbies or business names. On this instance the hobby and business being related around a healthy lifestyle.

Some people take serious care of their health and make it a priority over anything else they have to do in their day to day life. Consuming the right amount of meals, exercising on time and maintaining an overall active lifestyle is important for some.  When fitness becomes an obsession, some can even state their hobby on personalised number plates. Such as the owner of a sports supplement brand who opted to buy 'F17 ONE' to display on his Lamborghini Gallardo, a great marketing approach to get those supplements selling by driving around in a attractive car which is vinyl wrapped with business logos and displays number plates which read 'Fit One'.

Duncan Bannatyne, the entrepreneur from Dragons Den is also another fan of number plates which relate to his gym ownerships. The main one being 'F1 TSO' which is displayed on his gym repair van. Duncan also owns many other combinations, and claims he has made money on some of his investments. It goes to show, private number plates are a rather clever way of marketing your business in terms of getting that extra bit of attention, especially if you need to hide the age of the vehicle your assigning them to. 

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