28 Nov '12

Footballers Like Number Plates

As much as footballers try to hide on their usual trip to wherever they go, one thing they still forget is having a plate on their car which gives it away of who they are. When it comes to nice cars, we know a footballer will own one, but great combination number plates is something they like to own too. Below we have gathered a few expensive and great combinations once owned or still possibly owned by these well known footballers. 

David Beckham - DB 7

When Beckham, the ex Manchester United midfielder was living in the UK, one combination he rumoured to have owned was 'DB 7'. Now for those of you who can't figure out custom number plates like this, these were basically his initials followed by his shirt number. Not only that, the plate itself was said to be on a Aston Martin DB7. Could anything get more perfect than this?


Christiano Ronaldo - CR 7

So when Ronaldo replaces Beckham, first he takes his shirt number, then he also takes his taste for cars, not forgetting a personalised number plate, again, stating his initials and his shirt number, The CR 7 number plate was said to be on a old Ford Escort, owned by someone who knew who the set of number plates could be for, in an attempt to sell this number plate the owner purposely drove or left the vehicle in places where the man himself may notice it.  Lucky enough, this lead to Ronaldo ending up paying around £130,000 for the number plate. A lot of money considering he no longer lives in the UK. 


Wayne Rooney - WAZ 8

Ok, we apologize about these number plates being all owned by players/ ex players of the UK club, Manchester United. I think it might be a trend for their need to be exclusive. However, last of the number plates on our list is 'WAZ 8'. Now Rooney had sold this number with his car, maybe he couldn't handle the amount of attention he was getting? The combination was meant to read '' WAZZA''  a nick name he is called by team mates. 

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