17 Jan '13

Should I Buy This Custom Number Plate?

Nov 2012 DVLA Auction

If you're looking for a combination for your custom number plates, and eventually find one, it is then a question of should you buy or wait till you find something better. Personalised number plates are an investment that you will have to think quick when making a decision to buy or wait for something better. As these are combinations which can only be sold once, therefore if you've found yourself a custom number plate that reads your name which is Rob, but is not the perfect one, you will have to understand that this combination you have you eyes set on, may be a target for another Rob out there.

Once a combination for cherished number plates is sold by a dedicated number plates agency, it cannot be sold onto another potential buyer, unless of course the owner gives their rights up, which is very unlikely. Other possibilities of finding the same number plates is either by searching other dealers who sell on custom number plates on a basis of gaining commission or by chance, seeing the number plates you once wanted, on a car someone else is driving.

Finding your ideal combination can often prove to be difficult, because for most, the quality of the combination needs to reflect the price that needs to be paid. Factors of popularity of the same combination need to be predicted as it should be rather obvious to know that names like Rob, Tom, Sam etc will be a popular target so it is ideal if you did come across a suitable plate for yourselves, that you opt to buy the combination as the chances of it selling are pretty high.

Once a personalised number plate is sold by a dedicated agency, you could expect a registration numbers dealer to sell the same number a great deal higher on price. So remember that investors could be after what you've got your eyes on. Combinations such as 'EVL IIN', 'I EVV', 'DAN 7L' and 'CHR I5IM' were last sold at DVLA's auction, most of these registration plates were sold by plate agencies, so you can see why you need to be quick on getting a combination close to the likeness of your name, before the agencies do.

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