16 Jan '13

New Number Plate format for Ireland

angel plates new ireland number plate format

The beginning of 2013 has seen the new number plate system for Ireland, which has seen the format change a little. The whole idea of the new format is to identify when a car was purchased, therefore the first half of would consist of a different number to the second half of the year. The introduction of the new format is a rather positive approach as many potential customers who were in two minds of purchasing a new car tried to wait a little longer, simply because the '13' put their minds off a little.

Instead of using the number '13', the new format will see cars that are purchased in the first half of the year 2013 to begin with 131 and the second half of the year to begin with 132. A simple addition of the 1 and the 2 means an easy approach in identifying the times of purchase. The old registration plates started with a group of two numbers that indicated the year, at least with the new system it would be more precise in measuring when exactly the car was purchased within the year.

The idea of the new format could be influenced by UK's current style format of registration which also changes twice in the year and more accurately indicates when a car was made and registered. Such as for 2013, a registration number plate will consist of '13' if purchased after March 2013 or '63' if purchased after September 2013.

The new Ireland number plates are a great choice and are receiving some positive feedback as many suspicious minds are now ordering their cars again instead of worrying about the '13' displaying alone on their number plates. 

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