14 Jan '13

Supercar lovers like Custom Number Plates

Red Ferrari 458 Italia

It is becoming increasingly rare to not see a custom number plate on supercars like a Ferrari. Now we know that owners of these cars must be wealthy enough to drive cars which are only a luxury to see for some, let alone being in the driver's seat. But what is the exact reason for the number plates not being age related? Is it going the extra mile in showing off their pride and joy or hiding how old their Lamborghini really is?

What we mean by hiding the age of the car is that Its evitable that newer models become available and make your car look slightly out of date. This can lead some drivers to consider what they can do to hide the age of their car. One option is to look for custom registration plates. Even if your super car is a few years old and still running perfectly but drivers still get a little self conscious about its age. A custom private number plate can help your car look at lot younger than its years. Depending on what car you have, a private number plate can be a lot cheaper than buying a new car, you can give your car a younger look.

Cars like a Ferrari 458 Italia are not on the wish list of many car fanatics to buy. The reason being that they cost more than most people's houses, which is rather expensive for a car. However, for the rich and famous, these extraordinary cars are ordinary cars for daily use. Not only is it a wow factor seeing super cars like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini on the road, but they tend to be topped off with personalised number plates which stamps the cars image in your mind, so you have an extra reason not to forget what you just saw.

The private number plates on these supercars don't often be a cheap combination, but short 'most wanted' combinations which could leave an ordinary family man out of pocket, by simply buying the vehicle number plate alone. These combinations are attached to super cars like this to keep the vehicles age disguised, and also to have another chance to look, and remember who's Ferrari who you just saw driving past you. 

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