08 Jan '13

Some prefer age related Number Plates

Design your Custom Number Plate on Angel Plates

Custom number plates are great. It's one of the only ways of trying to read a name or a word on your road-going piece of art. But certain people just prefer the standard age related combination which comes with their vehicles. Simple fact behind this being the unwanted attention surrounding custom number plates such as stares at the vehicle and some spending time trying to figure out what on earth the combination is trying to read.

Not wanting a custom number plate (private registration combinations) can have number of reasons behind the choice. Most say it's simply not worth the investment and they rather spend that extra cash in upgrading to a better car. Others simply do not want their car to be remembered by every road user.

However, personalised number plates allow drivers to personalise their vehicles, and allow businesses a great way to market their brands, especially for company cars that often need to travel or transport products. How many times do you see a number plate, and how many of those do you remember? if the answer is none then you can see how effective personalised vehicle number plates can be for a business.  

The demand for custom number plates continues to rise, hundreds of thousands are sold each year, even the most stuck up of car owners against the custom plates cannot resist a quality combination if they ever came across to purchasing one. Making your car unique to yourself or your business is a good alternative to a regular registration plate and has a lasting stamp on your vehicle.

Be sure to check out our entire selection of styles, borders, badges & backgrounds using our online plate builder. They are numerous types of plate designs to choose from, just insert your registration number and have a go until you're satisfied with the design. We can also provide design assistance if you require a more custom look to your plates, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Create great looking Road Legal Number Plates or Novelty Show Plates

Our Number Plate Builder has an extensive range of options you could add to your show plates or custom road legal number plates, allowing you to see what your replacement number plates or novelty plates will look like, before you pay for them.

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