28 Dec '12

Is 2013 the year for a new car?



Suspicious over numbers? Well many are of the number 13. This number has been know as unlucky for long enough now that we have seen series of movies like Friday the 13th. Other places you might notice this number missing is on street addresses, where 11 jumps to 15 rather than 13 first, or on flats where floor 13 does not exist. 

2013 sees the release of cars newly registered all around the world on a 2013 registration, which means somewhere in the number plates the 13 may appear. The number 13 on number plates for some means unlucky thoughts about their luck with their car. However for some, it's just another year with another number.

There are a number of myths of why 13 is considered unlucky for many but all we know this number is just another number which is running its course so unless you're really scared of this number, don't get scared of your number plates or your new car. 

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