12 Dec '12

Very Important Number Plate



We know the rich can be rather proud of themselves and sometimes feel they are set apart from the rest of the world. But there are rich individuals who want to show this on their luxury cars by displaying custom number plates which relate to who they are. Take this particular combination which was sold in the UK, the owner being Roman Abramovich. This man can change managers quicker than the time it takes to change a set of number plates, so it is pretty obvious to know his bank balance isn't afraid to spend a little on a set of custom number plates he can use on his cars.

Purchased in 2006, the boss of Chelsea paid around £285,000 on the combination reading 'VIP 1'. This combination we know for sure means 'Very Important Person' and the '1' can be taken as the only important person. Mr. Abramovich has a rumoured net worth value of over $10 Billion so it isn't hard to understand why it is so easy to splash a 'small' amount of cash on a rather quality combination.

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