10 Dec '12

Number 1 and Still The Most Expensive


The registration which only has the number '1' on it is still the most expensive number plate sold according to the Guinness world records. This registration which was auctioned in Abu Dhabi was sold at an auction arranged by the emirates auction company and gained a lot of interest. 

The auction which was held at the emirates palace gained a high volume of rich presence for the single digit number plate. The winning bid ended the auction at a staggering Dh52.2 million  which is $14.2m or £7.2m! The winning bidder was Saeed Abdul Ghaffar who doubled the amount which was paid for the registration number '5', again auctioned in Abu Dhabi. 

It goes to show that the rich and famous do not have a specific budget in mind when acquiring custom number plates,  they just want what they want and agree to the fact that owning a high class car is just not enough, a number plate has to finish it off. 

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