09 Dec '12

Hiding a vehicles age is becoming common



Many of us will purchase private number plates because we want to make our car more personalised to ourselves. But some just splash a small amount of cash on any combination reading anything just for the sake of hiding the cars age. Now we all can agree that cars nowadays release new models so quick that you just can't keep up with the next one which races along. So is the idea of disguising a vehicles age by assigning a combination a good or bad idea?

After careful consideration, we agreed to saying yes to number plates to hide a vehicles age, simply because of the demand for new models and many not being able to afford to move on. An example of assigning a number plate to hide a vehicles age can be the following. Let's say a 2004 Audi A3, which does not have a new model till 2009, but the owner does not want other road users to know it's a 2004 registered car which may make it look old, but the fact is it's still the same model which runs all the way until 2009. A car owner like this could purchase any old combination to hide this fact and may feel more comfortable in driving the same car alongside its new A3 friends younger than itself without having the feel of a granddad.

There is one downfall of custom number plates on older vehicles to disguise the vehicles age. For the small group of people who don't like to be noticed and know when their car is about to other prying eyes in vehicles, having personalised combination for number plates means their car will be easily remembered by many road users. This may not be a downfall for many but for a small circle of people, custom number plates combinations are simply a NO!

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