23 Mar '22

Website Update! 3 New Show Plate Styles & Refreshed Badges!


This week at Angel Plates, we have added 3 new styles which are the 4D GEL, 4D DOUBLE & 4D TRIPLE. All available to select under the STYLE tab. This is to bring more choice to your custom show plates, we’ll explain each style below.



This style is for anyone who loves the rounded off, shiny and bubbly effect of the classic 3D GEL DOMED style, but is not feeling the thickness of the gel style alone. So this combines the 4D LASER CUT style found on your popular 4D numberplates and adds the gel coating on top of this black laser cut layer, which gives that classic gel number plates look an extra pop. 



4D plates as standard have a 3mm laser cut layer, which is the standard thickness. But you may feel your show plates need an extra layer of 4D LASER CUT goodness for that special car show you’re attending this summer. This will then give you 2 layers of 3mm laser cut acrylic giving a total depth of approx. 6mm. 



As above, the 4D TRIPLE goes one step further. For this one, you might really want to stand out at that special car meet, in that case, the 4D TRIPLE gives you 3 layers of 4D plates goodness. That’s 3 layers multiplied by 3mm a layer, giving you a total thickness of approx. 9mm! 


Aside from the styles above to further customise your show plates this coming year, we’re undergoing a refresh of the side badges for your custom number plates. We’re creating these as we speak, so you may notice some changes on the badge section of the website, BUT FEAR NOT! All the old badges are still there, so if you prefer to still have those, by all means you can still choose them. 

Another important update this week, we’re planning on mobile optimising the show plate builder, this means all you guys using your mobile phones can comfortably use the website to design some great looking plates right from your phone, which is the most common method of using the internet nowadays! This is in the pipeline now so fingers crossed it will be implanted at some point this year. 

If there is any feedback you would like to give regarding any of the above, or suggest some badges or essential upgrades to the site, please feel free to let us know!

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