01 Mar '22

How do you know if your personalised registration is valuable?

Big Money!

Personalised registrations are everywhere! There’s something about having your vehicle identification personalised to relate to you, your hobby or business and personalised registrations hold some serious monetary value, however this depends on several factors. We highlight a few factors below that could be for anyone thinking of buying and selling personalised registrations or for a generic idea of what you could be sitting on if you already own a decent combination. But remember, depending on where in the world you live this may not apply, we will refer to the most popular destination for personalised number plates which is the UK for the below factors.

A number 1 rule for personalised numberplates is how clean a combination is!

What on earth do we mean by clean combinations? Well, it’s a term we have created which basically means you own or are thinking of buying a personalised registration which accurately spells a word or name in the best possible way it can be. See below some examples of some clean combinations, and by the way if you own any of these, you’re very lucky! You also have deep pockets!


DEV 1L – This registration tops our list simply because it sold very recently in a auction for over £300,000 including fees! You all know what this reads you devils!

CHR 1S – Another suffix variation, this one we don’t know the price of, but it must be worth well into the hundreds of thousands.

DAV 1D – Another example like the Chris one above, this one is the most accurate way to read David. 

L4 URA – The most accurate way to get Laura on a plate? 


Less digits means more money!

Combinations with less digits are attracting a lot more attention now than they ever did before, maybe because they completely transform the look of a car and have no restrictions on what car they can be assigned to. However, the same principle applies again, clean combination rule applies here too, no misspacing, just less characters, if they read a name or word at the same time, then the value just shoots through the roof!

A great example of these kind are 1x1 Custom Number Plates. These are combinations which are the oldest combinations in existence, some have been lost along the way, that’s how old they are! This is where the whole registration system started. They referred to as 1x1 number plates because there is 1 letter and 1 number or the other way round. If the letters follows a number 1, then the value is at it’s highest, if it means something more than just a initial at the same time, then it’s big money. Prime example of something like this is the famous registration F1, it doesn’t get better than that, hence the huge price tag!

Anyway that’s a wrap for todays post about what’s valuable, it doesn’t end there, this is a huge topic and various factors apply and we hope to educate you on what’s an ideal investment in our future posts so do give us a like on Facebook to keep up to date, in the meantime, if you need some custom show plates for any events or your truck window, why not design something on the show plate builder today? 


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