27 Oct '21

Our first post in a long time!.. Are show plates still popular?


Still here :)


Oh my goodness, it’s been a while since we have posted. We know how important it is to see regular updates from your favourite showplate maker, it gives a little assurance that things are still running smooth and in a timely manner.

You know how it is, things eventually become less popular as time goes on, people move onto different things and new crazes. It’s been almost 10 years since we first launched and we knew that number plates that could be used for novelty purposes were required for specific purposes.

Almost 10 years on, we’re glad to say that show plates are strong as ever, with online social media platforms realising that plates with their logo or Instagram user name displayed on vehicles during photo or video shoots just adds the finishing touch to their online presence. Not only that, the actual vehicle registration is disguised, because who wants the world to know your whereabouts when your someone with a fair bit of following online. It can seem fun at first having random people following you around but when you’re out and about trying to get the basic things done in life in can seem quite frustrating when you’ve got a few cars following you around.

The purposes for show plates back when we launched Angel Plates were the same as they are now, but increasingly more towards the use for wedding cars and car detailers. These 2 purposes have shown a huge increase in customers and car detailing business owners wanting to add that finishing touch by having customised show plates. Wedding show plates are still the same as before in terms of having things like ‘JUST MARRIED’ written across the plate and the bride and grooms name as a slogan text. Car detailers mostly opt for their logo in the centre of the plate as they can easily picture their detailing work without revealing the identity of their customers car.

We also would like to say that we’re still here, through the pandemic things have been challenging and we appreciate our regular customers support in choosing us. Show plates are a great cost effective way of displaying things on cars in place of where the number plates would normally go, they instantly are the centre of attention and a fantastic marketing tactic during business events.

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