24 Nov '18

5 New Plate Sizes and a 4D Laser Cut Style



As per our recent requests from our loving show plate customers, we have added some more sizes of number plates so you can create your show plates with more choice. Not only that, we have gone a step further and we now offer you a brand new text style called the 4D Laser Cut which we also call the 3D Plus style. Guys, pictures do no justice to this style; the shadow these characters create looks absolutely amazing.

The 4D Laser Cut Style is a leap forward from the very popular 3D Gel Domed style, again which is available from us. If you prefer the solid and sharp look of the 4D Laser Cut style for your show number plates, then this is the one to go for.


4D Number Plates


Here are the sizes we have added to the plate builder, 3 of the sizes are the popular shaped sizes that have been available before, but due to popular demand are now available again and the other 2 sizes are brand new, see below.....

New Sizes:

Tinted Plates :

Tinted Show Plates


If you want to create some Tinted Show Plates, then choose this the Standard Oblong Tinted size. This size is exactly the same as the Standard size, however the material itself is tinted. Some may call these ‘ smoked number plates ‘. It does however mean exactly the same thing, which is that they are dark show plates due to having a tinted material. Unlike some, these tinted show plates are physically tinted during manufacturing, there is no cheap film  placed on after which could bubble or peel, the strong acrylic surface is actually darker. These tinted show number plates are great for track days, sitting in front of your lorry window or for car showrooms etc.


Ride On Car Number Plates :

Ride on cars are increasingly popular amongst children, but if you are into number plates yourself, you’d like their cars to look like the real thing to the smallest detail. So we now offer an 8’’ x 2’’ ride on car size, which should fit most of the bigger ride on cars which are normally the 12V ones. All you need to do is measure the available space, especially if the available plate area has a recess and only a certain size can fit in. Unlike many competitors, these are NOT stickers, these are the same materials as the rest of the number plate sizes from us and look fantastic when stuck on.


Shaped Number Plates :

Model specific plate sizes are back, for now the 3 of the most popular ones are available again. To make sure you choose the right shaped size, there is a popup image on each size to show the correct shape and dimensions.

Range Rover Sport – 615mm x 150mm

This shaped plate size is for the Pre 2014 Range Rover Sport models, so basically the shape before the 2014 shape was released. You must select this plate shape from the 'Shaped' tab under the Sizes tab on the plate builder. 

Range Rover Sport Shaped Plate


Rover 75, MG ZT, Jaguar XF, Jaguar X Type Estate etc – 635mm x 175mm

The Rover 75 shaped number plate, also known as the D Shaped Rover plate or Banana shaped plate etc . This size is for the Rover 75 or MG ZT, but it may fit other models, just use the measurements and shape as a guideline. You must select this plate shape from the 'Shaped' tab under the Sizes tab on the plate builder. 


Rover 75 Shaped Size


Jaguar XK/8, Aston Martin DB9, DBS – 552mm x 171mm

This shape is mainly for the Jaguar XK8 or Aston Martin models. However it fits many different models as the available plate space in most models have this kind of shaped rear plate space, for example certain BMW X5’s, Toyota RAV4’s and IQ’s, Lexus IS etc. Please use the measurement and shape as a guideline. You must select this plate shape from the 'Shaped' tab under the Sizes tab on the plate builder. 


Jaguar XK DB9 Shaped Plate


So guys, this is the most recent update of ours. If these sizes are still not enough and you require something different, feel free to contact us, we may be able to assist you further.

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