05 Nov '18

Show plates for Christmas gifts


Show Plates Examples


Struggling to get something unique as a gift for someone this Christmas? Don’t want to buy the same old rubbish? Well you have come to the right place because we at Angel Plates are all about customisation therefore you can create a show plate which you can give as a gift and it will have people amazed at how creative you are.  


Follow our steps below for the perfect Christmas present, we will highlight them out as if you were using the plate builder yourself right now.....


Plate Text:

Ok, the first part of the plate builder, and the most important. This is the main text of the show number plate, so ideally this needs to be something like a person’s name, their favourite football team or maybe even their business name. There are not set rules of what to type in here, I mean you could even type in MERRY XMAS itself, the choice is yours so make them show plates unique.


Plate Size:

This one is nice and simple and you just need to decide how big or small the number plate itself needs to be. If it’s for someone who will be displaying their number plate in a truck, then truck show plates with names on them are usually just a standard size. If it’s for something like a kids ride on car, most ride on cars will able to have the 8x2’’ which are the smallest oblong plates we offer. You must carefully decide on what size you want and need, there’s not going back once your show number plates have been made.


Style Options:

This tab gives you control over 3 customisable text options which are the colour of the text itself, a drop shadow (which is a shadow colour of your choice) and the main one being the font style itself. Again, totally customisable by you so let your imagination run wild. Our current favourites for font style are the 3D Gel Resin Domed effect for your show number plates or the 3D Plus which is also known as the 4D number plate style which is a laser cut style. Both of these options make the characters raise from the plate itself (see the example pictures which should pop up once you select the style).


Badge Options:

Now you have a choice of choosing what’s already on the plate builder, or if you go to the badge category options and select I will email my own Image category, there is an option which you can select which will then allow you to email your own image to . We will soon have the domed gel badge category, again you can email your own image to be domed as well.


Border Options:

Very straightforward this one. Simply decide what colour you want for your border, and the style only needs to be changed to suit your needs if you have a badge selected.


Slogan Options:

You don’t just have one slogan option here, you have two! That means whatever extra text you need to write to suit someone, type away here! For example if the main text has something like ‘JAMES’ the slogan text could be ‘the best truck driver....’


Background Option:

This is the last one on the list but not the least. This one can create the overall finishing touch, many people just go for the honeycomb background for their show plates, however some prefer the background tile image to relate to the plate itself, for example a no parking sign for a no parking number plate. If it’s not on there, just click on the ‘I will email my own’ option and email us one in.



There you go guys, step by step guide into creating your custom show plates for Christmas gifts, the cost effective way to give a truly unique gift this Christmas.

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