13 Oct '18

Auto Vogue use us for some custom plates


Auto Vogue


It all started off with an enquiry from the owner of Auto Vogue requesting some number plates with just the Auto Vogue logo in the middle. Now these plates are for covering up customers actual number plates when taking photos or videos of vehicles. This method allows a company to use a photo for their business purposes, but without revealing a customer’s vehicle registration number. Also, due to having a company logo on the plates, it creates a professional image for the company.



Curious to know what Auto Vogue actually do, we messaged the owner, had a look at their website and their Facebook page, only to find out that these guys are some serious car detailers. You’ll get your usual driveway car valet guys and entry level detailers up and down the country, but only guys like Auto Vogue have took it to the next level.



Working with high profile clients with expensive cars, they need to know what they’re doing, and their Facebook page says it all.  The pictures show cars like Range Rover SVR’s, Audi RS3’s, Bentley’s, Aston Martin’s etc. Not to forget, all of which have our customised plates on, which is great to see of course.



These guys offer services which include but not limited to; Machine Polishing and Compounding, Nano Coatings and Ceramics, Wheel Refurbishments including diamond cut wheels, Window Tinting, Paint Protection Films/Wraps, Vehicle CCTV etc.



Auto Vogue are based in Surrey, UK. If you have a car which you have spent your life savings on, don’t risk taking it through the ordinary car wash or attempting a DIY polish at home, only to notice more scratches after sweating yourself out in the sun. Leave it to the professionals, give Auto Vogue a call and see what they can do for you to care for your pride and joy.

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