27 Jul '18

Custom show plates for RDTRIP

RD Trip
RDTRIP got in touch with us recently for some custom number plates which consisted of their logo in the centre of the plate, on both white and yellow plates. These were then used for attaching over existing number plates for photography/video purposes so they can promote their brand professionally. Not only did we design their plates, we got to know all about the business and the fantastic service they offer. 


RD Trip


So if you are thinking about exploring the Scottish Highlands? Well the guys at RDTRIP offer a car hire service so you can do exactly that! The cars offered are sporty/modern classics which can be collected from Grantown-on-Spey or delivered to a location of your choice. The guys can help you plan your trip or you can plan as you go along. 


RD Trip


Here is what RDTRIP have to say about themselves;

RDTRIP hires sporty modern classic cars to help you make the most of exploring the Highlands. We are more than a car hire business. We are an experience business.Why just tour the roads of the Highlands when you can do it in a convertible sports car. Why simply travel down those roads when you can tap into local knowledge and experience the best of what this region has to offer. In addition to car hire, RDTRIP offers trip planning services to clients. This can take the form of a few recommendations through to fully planning and booking clients itineraries. In other words, we make your RDTRIP!

All cars are available for hire and hire includes fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover and a full tank of fuel. Prices from £85.

See our website for full details and ts&cs.

Feel free to get in touch with the guys at RDTRIP directly;

As for customised show plates just like what RDTRIP have ordered, well you have us guys to get all of that sorted. Free design work prior to ordering so send us an email on and we will work on your design.

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