21 Jun '18

What are 4D number plates? (a.k.a 3D Plus)


Well first of all, lets go over the term of what 4D exactly means. We call this style the ‘3D Plus’ style, which we feel is more appropriate, but as you know, everyone does have their own name so we thought why not clarify what everything means and clear the confusion on any differences (if any). 

To start off with, lets get a basic understanding of the term '4D'. We have gone with something easy to understand, so this is not some in depth scientific meaning behind 4D, I’m sure none of you have the time to understand any of that. So we have gone for something easier to grasp, so let’s cross reference to movies.

According to our best friend named Google, the term 4D in cinema is a marketing term for 3D films which are shown in combination with some physical effects like rain, vibration etc.

So according to the above, lets get a few questions answered today!


Do 4D Custom Number Plates Vibrate?

Errrm, no they don’t! Unless your car rattles pretty bad and that rattle in return can be felt as a vibration in your so called 4D number plate. Or if you’ve got a subwoofer in the boot.


Does wind/smoke blow out of 4D number plates?

If you car is switched on, and you are looking at the number plates the rear of your car. The only thing that will be blown towards you is the fumes from your exhaust pipe!


Does the temperature of 4D number plates change?

Maybe, try to park your car facing direct sunlight and the temperature of the plates should change along with the rest of your car.


That’s enough of the silly questions and I’m sure you guys know already that this name which is being used for a design style of number plates is a name which makes no relevance to the product itself. It’s like going into a 4D Cinema and none of the ‘4D’ effects take place, which would mean that the cinema is just a 3D cinema after all.


So what exactly is the 4D number plate style?

It is a raised 3D font style. These plates are like what normal number plates are like, but the main text field of characters, for example ‘ANGEL’ is made up from laser cut letters which are bonded onto the plate itself. This gives a pop out 3D look.


What do you call your 4D Plates?

The name makes no sense to us, so we call our laser cut font style ‘3D PLUS’.


Can I create my novelty number plates using the 3D PLUS style?

Yes, they do stand out on the finished product. 



So to sum up guys, we call our laser cut style the ‘3D Plus’ style. They are a high end finish product and the name suits better in our opinion.  Contact us should you need any further info!






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