09 Jun '18

3D Gel Resin Custom Number Plates


Gel Plates



What are Gel Plates?

The term gel plates is used for custom number plates which have the main text in a resin gel finish. This gives the text a domed 3D finish which looks great.


Is the entire plate made from gel?

No, the whole plate is not made from gel. 3D Gel show number plates are still made from high end acrylic and reflective materials used for number plates, but the main font style itself is of a 3D resin gel finish, hence why the name is 3D Gel Number Plates.


How do I create my 3D Gel Plates?

3D Gel Plates can be created the same way you create any other novelty plates on the plate builder. Just select the ‘STD 3D GEL’ font under the ‘STYLE’ tab on the plate builder and everything is the same.  A pop up will appear when the ‘STD 3D GEL’ font is selected to give you an idea of the end finish of the font style.


What can I create with 3D Gel Plates?

You can create great looking signs for your business, gifts, showroom plates, track day plates and much more. The possibilities are endless for 3D gel plates, if you’re name is Sean and you are a truck driver and want ‘SEAN’ on a number plate with the 3D Gel Font, then by all means go ahead and design it today!


Are they durable?

3D Gel Plates are constructed to be suitable for outdoor use, such as signs displaying ‘NO ENTRY’ or for off road vehicles on farms etc. They need to be able to withstand everyday weather conditions. The only thing different from these plates is the gel characters.

The gel characters are UV friendly, scratch friendly and jet wash friendly. When we say jet wash friendly, we don’t mean trying to blast them off using a 3000w jet wash at point blank, we mean they should be able to withstand jet wash pressure from a car wash etc.



So guys, we hope this page has explained what gel number plates are and how you can design one for yourself.


Click on the plates below to design your very own 3D Gel Number Plates.

IMPORTANT: Please select the ‘STD 3D GEL’ text style under the ‘STYLE’ tab for gel show plates.   


Click here to design your Gel Plates

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