27 May '18

Stu's Reviews use our custom number plates!

Stus Reviews


Not long ago, Stuart from Stu’s Reviews got in touch with us for some show number plates that read ‘STUS REVIEWS’, in a plain number plate style text. This was to temporarily fix to his VW T5 to film a new video for his YouTube channel, which can be found below. Now you might ask, why would Stu do this? Well when you are online, hiding the real identity of a vehicles number plate is ideal as it is then not known by everyone who sees it. However, another reason for it all is to stamp the viewer with the channel name, in this case ‘STU’S REVIEWS’ in a rather clever way.


Stus Reviews


We at Angel Plates loved the video Stu created. It is a video which tests if the Mavic Air drone can keep up with the speeds of the VW T5. The location, filming and editing skills are all on point. Do hit the subscribe button as Stu’s videos are honestly enjoyable to watch.


If you need show plates like the ones Stu’s Reviews have used for their video, head over to our show plate builder and get creative. If you have any custom requirements which you cannot create yourself on the plate builder, email us on:



Stu’s Reviews YouTube Video:


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