02 Dec '17

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Wedding Number Plates

JU5T WED wedding number plate

Do you guys remember Prince William & Kate Middleton’s wedding number plates that were used as a novelty purpose that simply read ‘ JU5T WED’? Well we have not forgotten about them at all, as that idea of having some cheeky wedding show plates on a wedding cars is only becoming more and more popular and people seem to finally figure out why.

With the recent breaking news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting married in Spring 2018, chances are the same may be seen on their wedding car, but would it be any different? Below we have created some ideas on what their wedding number plates could be, if any. Remember, these wedding plates are purely just a novelty item, as there is not a real UK registration number on them. For example,’ JU5T WED’ which was on Prince William & Kate Middleton’s wedding car is not an actual registration number. This is because this is not a type of combination for UK number plates, as the closest combination for ‘JU5T WED’ which would actually be a registration number would be ‘JU57 WED’.

Anyway, aside from the boring stuff, here are some ideas!


Harry Weds Meghan Show Plate

Ok, so this simply reads Harry Weds Meghan with some love hearts as a background, a red border, red shadow and a GB Euro Heart badge (however I don’t think the Euro stars should be there anymore......)



Just Married Number Plates

Check out this funky looking wedding number plate. Stylish design, maybe it could be finished off with the actual faces of Harry & Meghan?





Harry and Meghan Number Plate

This is a funky one, what do you guys think?


These are just ideas anyway, you never know, the plates might simply be ‘JU5T WED’ again. Rest assured, they will be the reason that everyone else does the same at their wedding.  


Thanks for reading guys.

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