12 Oct '17

Struggling for gift ideas? How about some show plates?

Xmas Plate


Seasonal times are around the corner, with Halloween fast approaching, then bonfire night and not forgetting Christmas and New Year yet again! These times are often when we dig deep into our pockets, only to find that the prices of most gifts are a little bit out of reach and not really as interesting as what show plates can be when given as a gift.

As we are back online, our show plate builder is ready for you to start designing your novelty number plates for any of the occasions that are yet to come. With numerous design options and not forgetting the ability to email us anything that’s not already on the plate builder, you can truly create a customised fancy number plate. Our packaging is plain, so if you want to surprise someone further and get a show plate delivered directly to their door there is absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of someone knowing what’s inside the parcel without physically opening it first. Opt for a faster delivery option if the gifted plate is intended for a birthday or specific event or alternatively just let us know upon ordering so we can keep an eye on things for you.

Show plates are truly unique so they can be tailored to your imagination. If for example the intended person receiving the plate is a massive football fan, why not create a plate with their name and input slogan texts with their favourite football team. Not forgetting the all important image of a football as the background and some cheeky badges on either side.

Show plates can be created for various occasions such as weddings, car shows, birthdays, graduations and much much more. 


Plate Builder

Create great looking Road Legal Number Plates or Novelty Show Plates

Our Number Plate Builder has an extensive range of options you could add to your show plates or custom road legal number plates, allowing you to see what your replacement number plates or novelty plates will look like, before you pay for them.

Design Your Plates

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