16 Mar '17

6 Apps To Prevent Distraction When Driving

Apps to prevent distracted driving

On the average, people check their smartphones 85 times in a day. This shows the importance of smartphones in our daily lives. We use it to call our friends, interact with our business partner, and check for information on the Internet. However, sometimes we do all these while driving which is very risky and not permitted under the law. According to, 10% of fatal crashes involve distracted drivers. More alarming is the fact that 50% of them are distracted by their smartphone.

Therefore, there is the need for ways to kerb being distracted during driving.Some smartphone applications that prevent drive distraction are discussed below.


This application restricts the feature of your car depending on your speed. It employs the use of your current speed with your specific location to determine features of your phone that are enabled. It also alerts you when your speed is going off limit. TextLimit is available on Blackberry, iPhone, and the Android platform. And it costs just $24.99 yearly.

TrueMotion Family

Available on Apple and Android smartphones, TrueMotion Family is an app that allows you to track your family members’ safety while driving. With this app, you get to know where your spouse, teen driver, kids, and other family members are in real-time. Also, it provides information about the way they are driving, alerts you about their driving speed, and how aggressive they’ve been on the road. While this app will not directly prevent them from being distracted, it will prompt you to take necessary actions to correct them. So, if you are a parent and you are not sure whether your kids are driving based on your recommendations, TrueMotion Family might just help you figure that out. And guess what? It’s free.


This is one of the simplest apps for preventing distraction while driving. Once your car is speeding, it simply locks all email, text and internet features on your phone. This forces you to concentrate more on your driving. This app is free and it works on Blackberry, Android and iPhone smartphones.


This is another free application. Once you set your car in motion, it activates itself. Once activated, it mutes any incoming text messages and gives them an automatic reply. It works on only Android and iPhone smartphones.


This application requires a device connected to your mobile phone. Certain features are automatically disabled on the phone once the vehicle is set in motion.  Its restriction can be customised when a mobile phone is connected to the device. It then controls the access of the user to the phone. It works with various mobile phones like Android, iPhone, and a number of “non-smart” phones. It costs about $129 (£103.86) to make use of this application.

Bottom Line

In today's world where the smartphones have become almost part of our body, distraction in our daily activities and leisure time is a common occurrence. But distraction behind the wheel can have serious and critical consequences for both drivers, pedestrians and fellow road users. It is sad that there are not more apps built to prevent driver distraction but with the apps highlighted in this article, piece drivers can turn a mobile phone which would normally distract into a device that lets you focus on the road ahead.

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