02 Mar '17

New and Useful "17" Number Plates That Shows Your Pockets Are Deep

17 Number Plates

It is an open secret that many people love cars. They think, dream and breathe car. Immediately a new model comes out, they rush to buy it so long it is affordable. However, in recent times, the sale of cars has drastically reduced at the beginning of the year. People now hold off on purchasing a new car solely because of one reason: They want the new 17 plates.

If you are also contemplating whether you should get the plate for your car, below are some important things you need to know about the 17 plates.

How To Identify The New ‘17’ Plates

Every year, new number plates come out. These plates simply show that a car was registered within a specific period. We know plate numbers can be quite confusing, so let us break it down for you. The current number plate system we are currently operating was introduced in 2001.

Since then, all plates have the DVLA memory tag, the age identifier, and the random letters in that order respectively. So, let’s say you have the following on your number plate: ‘CA57 BDR’. The first two alphabets ‘CA’ represents the DVLA memory tag. It shows where the car was registered. The first letter stands for the region while the second letter represents the DVLA local offices. The age identifier is ‘57’ while the last three alphabets are random letters which may be the abbreviation for your state.

Here is a simple analysis of how you can identify the age of a car since its inception:

2008/2009 cars: 08/58

2009/2010 cars: 09/59

2010/2011 cars: 10/60

2011/2012 cars: 11/61

2012/2013 cars: 12/62

Hence, you can identify the 2017 number plates just as easily. The age identifier will be ‘17’. For example, if you see a number plate with ‘BA17 AKR’, that car is registered in 2017.

When Will The 2017 Number Plates Be Out?

Findings indicate that the 17 number plates, which will bear ‘17’, will be out on March 1, 2017.  So, you can start making plans to get your car registered on that day. But you will have until the end of September 2017 to get these plates because they will be replaced by the ‘67’ number plates.

In addition, you will be able to get customised 2017 plates from March 1, 2017. To say it another way, you can choose from many interesting combinations. For instance, if you are a die-hard football fan and you just happen to love the Wolverhampton Wanderers, you could get this plate number ‘WO17 VES’, which reads like WOLVES, on your number plates. And if you want your number plates to have names like Frank and Henry, you can go for ‘FR17 NKB’ and ‘HE17 RYG’ respectively. Funny combinations like ‘CO17 DOM’  read  (CONDOM) are also available if you don’t mind funny looks and the occasional glare as you drive by.

You can check here for available combinations.

In A Nut Shell

A 17 number plate isn’t just a number it is also a status symbol that shows your pockets are deep enough to get you the latest brand new model car, factory fresh and straight from the showroom. If you are delaying your car purchase to wait for the new plates to come into play, it clearly shows that to you, the satisfaction of causing some green eyed plate envy is worth the wait.

Well, the decision is yours to make whether or not you would like to wait for this new plate.

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