20 Feb '17

Could The Number Plate I Want Be Offensive?


Swedish Offensive Number Plate 


If you are one of those people that love original number plates, keep reading this piece. You might just find it worth your time. Do you sit down at home dreaming up of creative number plates? Well, if you have submitted applications to change your number plates, we have news for you. It might be denied. The sole reason is that the authorities might be of the opinion that the numbers you want on your plate is offensive. You don’t need to doubt if this is a possibility. Recently, a Swedish man with a passion for making up offensive numbers for his plates failed yet again in his attempt.

Why He Failed

Offensive 8UTT23X Number Plate


From Varberg in Southern Sweden, the man had already made two attempts to have certain number plates. The reason we know about him is because last year, he gained so much media attention when he tried to get a personal license plate with the numbers that read ‘3JOH22A’. On first reading, it seems quite ordinary. After all, they are just numbers. But when the numbers were reflected on the mirror, guess what came up? The word ‘ASSHOLE’. Well, the Swedish Transport Agency wasn’t going to allow such abusive word. And as expected, they instantly rejected the license plate request on the sole ground that the numbers were offensive and that not many people would find it funny if it were a joke.

Swedish Offensive Number Plate A22HOJE


The man, whose name has been withheld by the authorities, also made two more attempts to have his number plates changed. He tried his luck with ‘8UTT5EX’ and ‘X32TTU8’ respectively. Again, the Swedish Transport Agency refused to allow him to change his plates. They were of the opinion that the numbers could be considered disrespectful. Honestly, you don’t need to wonder what’s derogatory about those numbers. Just write out the numbers on a piece of paper and hold up the paper to a mirror. Then, you will see what is offensive about the figures. But if you can’t do that, what you will see is ‘BUTTSEX’ even if you hold up the last numbers against a mirror.

In A Nut Shell

Transport agencies are very much aware that many people view these applications as a prank, In fact, in the UK the DVLA actually refuses to release rude and offensive plate variations when new reg plates are released. Some people just do it as a way to insult the authorities. And some of these reasons are why agencies are very strict when scrutinising number plate applications. And that is why they take all necessary precautions before issuing a new number plate to any individual.

Just in case you didn’t know, many transport agencies have their rules and regulations they follow. These rules of offensiveness of number plate don’t just fall out of the sky. One of the notable rules is that any individual’s personalised number plate ‘may not be designed if it causes offence or harm or anyone else’. The number plate will not also be designed if it includes allusions to alcohol, drugs, sex, swear words, religion, criminality, and much more.

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