09 Feb '17

So Why Do Angel Plates Ask For Proof Of Ownership?

While we personally prefer to talk about cars and the motor industry in the news and blog section of our site as opposed to toot our own horn. Sometimes a bit of shameless self-promotion does no harm especially if it serves as a reminder and is in the interest of our existing and future customers.

Sometimes our customers may wonder why we ask for proof of ownership when they want to buy their road legal number plates, that in of itself is a good question. After all, as an online number plate maker, what does it matter to us who owns the number plate right?

Wrong! … as a legitimate DVLA approved online number plate maker, our goal and aim has been and is to always provide a service that is quick, efficient and more importantly, safe...Safe not only for the owners of our number plates but also safe for other car and motorcycle owners as well whoever is on the road.

It is for this reason that when our customers request a road legal number plate, we automatically restrict the available choice of graphics and fonts to only the ones which are road legal and that is also why we cannot post out number plates without viewing valid proof of ownership.

This process may cause a small inconvenience in that you may need to scan a document or two and email them across to us, but in the long run, these policies and procedures protect the British public from criminal elements and the harms they can cause if left unchecked.

Same Reg Plate

For example, in a recent news article published by the Daily Mirror cited a case in which a driver visiting a local garden centre spotted a car which was the identical make model and colour of the one they were driving. Whilst this is in of itself is not unusual or uncommon, especially with popular makes and models like the Nissan Qashqai or Ford Fiesta, both of which are amongst the top 5 most commonly registered new cars of 2016. What is very unusual though is that the car also had an identical number plate registration.

Same Reg Plate

It is virtually impossible for someone to come across an identical car which has been officially issued identical plates to another car as there are likely procedures or systems to prevent this with the DVLA.

The only way such an event can happen is if someone has intentionally and with criminal intent, cloned a legitimate number plate, sometimes these reasons can be relatively low profile such as simply avoiding paying road tax and insurance, to more malevolent intentions such as committing visible criminal offences as occurred in the incident highlighted in the Daily Mirror article.

To all our customers past, present and future, we very much recommend that whichever number plate maker that you use, please make sure that you always support the legitimate UK based and Registered number plate maker. You can find details of registered number plate suppliers from the website which provides details of providers near your postcode.

If you would like to know what documents you need to be able to provide us before we can send you a road legal number plate then please Contact Us and send us a message.

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